“Every painting starts with a single stroke of the brush; every song a single note; every war a first conflict; and every great adventure – that first step. This story begins like so many before it, with a child raised in the humblest of circumstances…”

Project Tower is an Action-Adventure/RPG with the aim of combining the dungeon exploring and puzzle solving of games like The Legend of Zelda series, the character and story presentation of Legacy of Kain, and the frantic combat of titles such as the God of War series. At Extra Life Studios, we’re spinning our own unique take on all those elements, while paying homage to their sources, in an original narrative where players can explore and fully immerse themselves in the world and characters.

We’ve been in Pre-Production for the last year trying to nail down our story, visual look, as well as various gameplay elements . We’re attempting to move fully into Production, but for that we need investors/a publisher. If you are interested in supporting Project Tower and our mission at Extra Life Studios, please contact us . If you aren’t a publisher or investor and want to support us, feel free to Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or use our contact page to email us and just send us some good vibes. We’re all gamers just like you, so knowing the community is excited about Project Tower really means a lot to us

For various reasons, we believe a more traditional funding model is the best option to make sure Project Tower is at the quality that gamers expect. We also have experience with publishers/investors so it’s the model we are the most comfortable with.

We’re still deciding this. Everyone at Extra Life Studios is a AAA developer so we all have console experience, as well as PC experience. There’s a ton of factors that go into this decision and once we’ve decided – we’ll let you know.

We’ve done evaluations on a handful of engines, and decided on Unreal Engine 4 based on our needs. We’ve already begun building our gameplay systems in UE4 and are very happy with how things are progressing.

Our current production schedule is roughly 30 months which would put us in late 2018. This is a very rough estimate and may move up/back as we get moving. The sooner we can get into full production, the faster we can get the game out to you guys.

While many of the developers at Extra Life Studios have worked on MTX/DLC projects and are proud of our past work, part of the reason for forming Extra Life Studios was to create games like the ones that inspired us while growing up (and hopefully inspire the next generation of gamers/developers). While we think MTX/DLC can be done intelligently and bring value to the player, the games we grew up playing didn’t have MTX or DLC – so we won’t include it either.

Still have a question about Project Tower or Extra Life Studios? Contact us!