Extra Life Studios was founded in July of 2015 by Owner and Developer, Matt Boudreaux.

Over the course of his 10+ year career as a Software Engineer at Electronic Arts, Sony Online Entertainment and, most recently, BioWare, Matt worked on some of the largest multiplayer projects in gaming history. While he has an appreciation for those games, he wanted to focus his talents on high quality, single player titles – where his passion as a gamer lies.

When Matt saw the opportunities to make those types of games were becoming fewer and fewer, particularly in the AAA space, he decided to form a studio and provide an environment where those games could be created, openness and transparency with gamers was encouraged, and developer imagination could flourish.

The name Extra Life Studios was born out of our desire to return to our true passion, giving us a second chance (extra life) to get back to the fundamentals in game development.

We operate under these core values:

 Less is more

We’re a small company which allows us to reduce development costs, communicate more effectively and increase productivity by working efficiently.


We’re transparent with gamers. By maintaining an open line of communication with the gaming community, we not only gain valuable insight, we build trust.


We always want to be improving, experimenting and learning new techniques. As gamers, we know what is expected of top-tier quality games, and as developers we intend to meet and exceed those expectations.

If you are an investor or publisher interested in partnering with us, please email partners@extralifestudios.com.